Federation of Italian Chefs

Federazione Italiana Cuochi

Federazione Italiana Cuochi (FIC) was formed in Milan, Italy in 1979 to create an active network for professional chefs, restaurateurs, professors and culinary students, nationwide. Today the FIC has 20,000 members, including 18,000 in Italy and 2,000 in worldwide delegations.

The FIC USA was established to encourage interest in Italian food products and authentic Italian cooking in the United States. FIC USA is open to professionals involved and interested in Italian products and Italian cooking. Full membership is reserved to professional Chefs with an Italian background and/or working extensively with Italian cooking. Associate memberships are available for individuals who are professionally involved in Italian food products either as producers or importers. Student memberships are available for students of recognized Schools of Hospitality who have an interest in Italian cooking.

Carlo Donadoni

President, FIC USA

USA Delegation

Federation of Italian Chefs


Angelo Masarin

Vice President

Andrea Marchesin


Gioia Aragozzini



Phone: 305-532-1233

Email: info@ficouchiusa.com


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Carlo Donadoni
Email: carlo@ficouchiusa.com

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